Deep relaxation

The basis for any recovery!

Deep Relaxation – The ultimate basis for recovery
For an ultimate relaxation it is obvious that more is needed than just a comfortable chair. 
The VITA Sentation is equipped with new frequency soundtechnology. Fully integrated in the interior of the chair, invisible, almost inaudible, but tangible and effective
Special software sent low frequency soundwaves between 20Hz and 100Hz from an amplifier to four  special impulse speakers where the sound is transformed into gentle vibrations. These vibrations ensure resonances which will stimulate muscles and the circulatory system. The software also controls the circulation of the sound waves, from the head to the legs and back.

By using different frequency levels, pulses and the direction of the soundwaves specific sites in the body can even be reached better. Especially for stress-related complaints and excessive muscle tension the treatment can be very effective.

Programs for relaxation and activating
The integrated FPS technology inside the VITA Sentation chair offers you several treatmentprograms that will result in a deep relaxation, while simultaneously targeting physical complaints. Powerful and above all very effective.

In addition to a choice of activation and relaxation programs, there are specific programs for e.g. complaints in the neck, shoulder and lower back and for improving sleeping conditions. The strength of treatment can be increased by adjusting the volumes during the duration of the program. This way you can easily personalize your own relaxation and treatmentmoment

There are specific programs for the Powernap and general relaxation, but also for the treatment of physical complaints in the neck, shoulder or lower back.

VITA Sentation in practise
The VITA Sentation chairs are used by companies, healthcare institutions and individuals for restoring the energy balance and for targeted treatment of minor physical inconveniences.

The company D DOCK developed a multifunctional space to work in, to inspire, ro relax and to reload
They called it the Healing Hub and it is based on the concept Healing Offices®, which contributes to higher productivity, less absenteeism and an increase in life expectancy.

After testing the VITA Sentation chair, the chair has got a prominent place within the concept, and D/DOCK employees have the opportunity to use the chair daily to relieve, to do their Powernap and for physical recovery.