Special programs foor relaxation and recovery 
The relaxation of both body and mind is the key word in any kind of treatment. In case of excessive stress, the treatment will not be as succesfull as it should be. The technology of the VITA Sentation offers you programs that result in a deep form of relaxation while at the same time targeting the reduction of physical complaints. Powerful and above all very effective.

In addition to a variety of activation and relaxation programs, there are specific programs for e.g. complaints in the neck, shoulder, hip and lower back and to improve the sleeping conditions. The effect of a treatment can be increased by adjusting the volumes during the duration of the program (between 12 and 40 minutes). This way you can easily personalize your own relaxationmoment.

Programs for:

  • relaxation
  • stiffness of the neck complaints
  • muscle complaints in the shoulderarea
  • revitalization of body and mind
  • painreduction in the lower back
  • improvement of the sleep pattern

Using hand control or tablet/App combination
Operation of the programs is done using a hand control or wireless using an App and handy sized 7-inch tablet. Sitting or lying in your seat the system is activated  with only a few screentouches.

The hand control
The hand control can operate up to 12 programs and during the treatment, the volumes can be increased or decreased integrally.

Tablet operation  
After choosing the app on the tablet a Bluetooth connection between the tablet and the built-in FPS technology can be made. All relaxation and treatment programs come to light. A program is then selected and started with the start button. A pause can be entered and then resumed. The timer indicates the remaining time. Each program is fully set and balanced with frequency levels, step duration, pulses, flow direction and average volume per pulse speaker With the + and – buttons, the volume of each pulse speaker can be adjusted to your personal preference.