APPLICATIONS VITA Sentation with FPS technology

….in your living or relaxationroom

Relax in your home environment and at the same time read a book or watch a movie. The treatment program does its healing work and helps to improve the blood circulation.

…at the office or in the company

Experience the right balance between energy and workflow during a hard working day.
After an activating program, you will feel a boost to new energy and an improvement of the  concentration.

…in lounge at airport or in hotel

To recover after a busy day or during an exhausting trip. With the push of a button, your powernap has already started, and the neck, shoulder and back muscles are subtly massaged.

A better performance after a moment of relaxation

Relaxation of both body and mind is important. If we can relax, we will make better decisions, we will see the overall picture clearer and we experience less stress.
Relaxing or taking a powernap during the day is very popular by many multinationals as a tool to increase effectiveness. Preparing for an important appointment? Try out the chair and feel how calmness comes to you.

A proven healing effect

The VITA Sentation is a very special chair. The integratetd FPS technology sends carressing sound waves through your body and you will feel the stress floating out of your body and mind. Research has shown that FPS soundwave technology  reduces stress and other physical complaints.

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